Art statement

   In Al-khateeb works they explore the relationship between the individual, domestic furniture and space. They are particularly interested in used furniture and the connotations it holds, and issues of absence and presence, intimacy and the charged potency of empty space. They used the chair in their works often as a reference to human presence in which they explore the question of a particular tension in each one of their projects. The aim is not to represent a specific individual but to address particular conditions of human existence and identity, in relation to place and home. And try to reveal complexities of human relations and their psychological dimensions, which they work through using second hand furniture in particular, chairs which they see as a fragment of society.

          As for the space they try to cast light on different issues the place holds in relation to the individual, whether it’s connected to everyday usage or individual memory of the place and the specificity of that place to the person. In this sense they try to compare the relation between the individual and the house itself as a material relationship and how materiality itself is charged with sentimental value, with tensions of memories and relationships in which the ‘physical’ and the ‘material’ component takes on a potency. The forms of the works vary but most often are installations, sculptures and drawings. However the focus mostly on installations in which they attempt to provide an opportunity for people to interact with the art project and relate to it in public places and/or in exhibitions.

       The impetus for their works are personal, psychological and social experiences, with using the different stereotypes imposed on them from their won society and engage them to critique dominant norms and ideas of the social and notions of conformity, which is why they are interested in dealing with the private and controversial space of the home and the relationship between the group and the individual.